Art and Design Services by Akit

I am an illustrator, designer and graffiti writer based in London


Camden Open Air Gallery building front.
This building front of CAMDEN OPEN AIR GALLERY on Camden High Street was painted by me and Grown with additional letter work by Diet. This production is to highlight the unwanted impending development proposed by RBKC council to destroy the footprint of Trellick tower with new flats, thus in turn obliterating the graffiti hall of fame.

We wanted to portray Trellick Tower being hugged by a character by Grown alongside other well known London buildings such as St.Paul’s cathedral, BT Tower, The ‘Gherkin’ (30 St.Mary Axe), and the Wembley arch. Please visit Camden Town to see this piece and check out COAG.

www.camdenopenairgallery. com